How does it work?

Step 1

Go to the "Buy Credits" page, and select how you would like to purchase credits aka "bitcoin".

Step 2

Checkout through our easy system. Your backpage account will be verified, bitcoin is purchased and sent to your account for you.

Step 3

Our system purchases bitcoin for you, it is then sent direct to your backpage account, backpage converts it to ad credits (1 credit=$1) and it is INSTANTLY available! NO WAITING!

How this process works:

We take your payment, however you submit the funds, credit card for example; and convert it into "bitcoin" (bitcoin is electronic currency)

We then send that "bitcoin" to backpage for you. (Backpage takes bitcoin as payment now)

Backpage converts those bitcoin into dollars, or "credits" and applies them to your account.

1 credit = 1 dollar.

If you buy 20 credits, you are purchasing a fraction of a "bitcoin" and in exchange for that, backpage gives you $20 in "credits"

Use those credits to purchase ads, upgrades and more!

There is NO NEED to understand bitcoin or this process, the simple version is: You buy credits from us that we send to for you instantly! No more mailing anything in, waiting days, safe, secure and easy!!