Frequently Asked Questions

Is this safe? Is this Secure? This feels like a scam?

This is very safe, and completely secure. We have been providing Bitcoin/credits to providers and advertisers around the country since backpage lost its ability to process credit cards. No one would go through all this trouble, of setting up a website, paying hosting fees, merchant fees, advertising, and much more, just to rip off a person for $10. You can find thousands of great reviews for us,  no bad. Furthermore, themselves are now working with us to help us process bitcoin/credits for you. They would not do that if we are not legitimate. You can email them at and ask about us. It does take a LONG time to get a response from them, but, we have a great relationship with them.

Still not convinced? Try just a small purchase. Just 5 credits. Use a gift card, setup a new backpage account just for the test. You will see it is way better, faster, safer and easier than any other method. Do a small test and let us earn your business!

Is my Information Secure? Are you guys five 0?

All data is transmitted through VERY secure servers. NO records are kept of transactions, there is no way for your personal information to be compromised. And no, we are not the popo, we are business people and providers/advertisers ourselves looking for a solution.

Why do you charge so much? It's a ripoff! Why do you need my login info? Do you need my Password?


Hosting fees, advertising costs, merchant account fees, employees, customer service, phone lines, office space, office supplies, licenses and so much more. When it is all said and done, we make a few tiny cents per transaction. 

If you feel it is safer, easier and cheaper to drive to get a money order, pay postage to mail it, then wait the time it takes to get posted, then HOPE it does not get 'lost' feel free. We think the small fee we charge to get you INSTANT credits is well worth it, and thousands of other providers agree. You charge for your time, we hope it is ok we charge a few cents for ours.

How long does it take?

Your purchase with us is processed in moments. Your credits or Bitcoin is sent in seconds, and USUALLY it takes just a few SECONDS to appear in your backpage account, however, some days the banking system that transfers bitcoin is so overloaded, it can take UP TO 4 hours. We have never seen it take longer than 4 hours, and the avg is about 1 min.

I bought credits and they never went to my account! You ripped me off!

We can assure you we did not, and no matter what we will work to get you what you paid for. Please first check the following: Did you supply the correct email/login? Are you checking for error msgs on the phone and email you provided? If all seems well, please contact us on the help page, supply your name, your email, your backpage act email, the time and date of the transaction, the last 4 digits of the card you used, and wait for a response. WE WILL GET BACK TO YOU!

There is NO customer service number, DO NOT CALL any numbers you may find looking for help, the phone numbers out there go to our merchant processing center. THEY CAN NOT AND WILL NOT HELP YOU.  (in fact expect them to be rude!) the only way to get help is through the help portal or by emailing

My Question is not here!

Send us a note at